The Secret Room

by Somnolent

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released December 30, 2012

Recorded in autumn 2012



all rights reserved


Somnolent Connecticut

Available for soundtrack work, or licensing of music for similar purposes.

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Track Name: All Dressed Up
Come back to me
The moon is bright
And I'm all dressed up
In our favorite dreams

Behind the windows
Through the curtains
Across the fields
And in the woods
In your dreams
In your dreams

It was cold on the night I said goodbye
But your eyes
Stuck with me
Your eyes
Like my dreams

So come back and dress up for me
Like my dreams
I don't want to know you
The way that you are
The way that you are
Track Name: The Secret Room
Remember the way it was
In the secret room
The windchimes outside
The silhouettes of trees
And your eyes
Blue and hard and wide
As the sky

All I want
And all I want us to be
Is this
Is this

For all the years I've missed
All the simple dreams
Left quietly behind
Shut in closets and dressed up
For someone else's party
For the faces I never saw
For the faces I never saw

All I want
And all I want us to be
Is this
Is this

The sway of the branches
The curve of your smile
Each its own forgetfulness
Each its own goodbye
Track Name: Another Time
One last look goodbye
As I turn away
I'll never see you again
I'll never know you
The way that you are

Perhaps another time
In some other place
Where it's quiet and calm
And there's wind outside

But for now I don't know you
And I never will
And I don't understand you
And I never will